Board of Advisors

TAEC’S Board of Advisors consists of anthropologists, textile specialists, museologists and government officials who provide TAEC with expertise, references and guidance on the museum’s content and field activities. All of TAEC’s curated material is edited by our Advisors, who form an important resource base to ensure TAEC’s work is grounded in scholarship and critical research.

  • Dr. Khampheng Thipmunthaly - Director, Institute of Anthropology and Religion. Academy of Social Sciences, Lao PDR
  • Dr. Olivier Evrard - Researcher, Center for Ethnic Studies and Development, Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai and Institute de Recherche pour le Developpement. Focus on Kmhmu
  • Dr. Michael Howard - Professor of International Studies, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada. Focus on Tai groups and textiles
  • Champathong Phochanthilath - Lecturer, Anthropology Department, National University of Laos. Focus on Kmhmu
  • Dr. Jacques Lemoine - Anthropologist of Mien and Hmong and expert on Taoist religious iconography of the Iu Mien and Mun. Advisor to the Ethnographic Databank Project in Laos
  • Dr. Prasit Leepreecha - Researcher and Coordinator, Center for Ethnic Studies and Development, Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai. Focus on Hmong and tourism
  • Soulinthone Phetsomphou - Director of the Department of Museums, Ministry of Information and Culture, Vientiane
  • Bounkhong Khutthao - Deputy Director, Department of World Heritage, Luang Prabang
  • Dr. Houmphanh Rattanavong - Ex-Director of the Institute for Cultural Research
Dr. Jacques Lemoine, working with Yao Mun priests in Luang Namtha Dr.Prasit Leepreecha and Dr. Olivier Evrard with Khoun, listening to a Hmong community leader in Chiang Mai. Dr. Linda McIntosh, examining Hmong traditional costume in Luang Namtha